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From 5yrs upwards, we have a training program for you. From fitness to champion, every one can get involved




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An introduction to the Martial Arts for kids aged 5 to 7. Focusing on on core life skills such as memory and balance. The classes are a fun way for children to get involved at an early age and take part in a structured exercise class.

Little Samurais Kick Boxing

A generic name for the modern sport version of the traditional martial arts. Classes involve learning punch, kick and strike combinations, use of training pads and punch bags. Fitness and stamina work are also a big part of the training.

As well as getting all the benefits of traditional Martial Arts training, Kickboxing is also great for fitness, stress relief and overall body toning and strength.

K1 Style Kick Boxing is a cross over between Western Kick Boxing and Thai Boxing. It takes the moves from Kick Boxing and adds in low kicks, knees and shin blocks.

The MMA side to this class works on take-downs, clinching and Jui Jitsu style fighting on the ground.

This class is aimed at those who want to train that bit harder and learn another dimension of skills

Kick Boxing and K1

Our Boxing classes give you all the benefits of the training that professional boxers use.

Each class combines: Footwork training; Punch combinations; Defensive skills; Fitness work, hand speed on pads and your footwork with the jump rope.

Each class gives you professional style boxing training to get you in the shape you have always wanted.

Boxing is a great for all you professionals out there, men and women, there is no better outlet for releasing all that energy than hitting the bags.

It is also a fantastic sport to get the kids fit, focused and disciplined. Boxing training will help them in every thing they do.



About Us

The Sport Martial Arts Academy has been based in Egham and Staines area for 20 years. We teach classes seven days a week. Our youngest members are 4.5 years old and our oldest well in to their 50’s. People come to us for all manor of reasons, So if you want to build a new you or your ambition is to compete at the highest levels in Kick Boxing or your just bored of the gym, come down and see how we can help

The benefits of doing martial arts is that it increases self confidence, discipline, fitness, self esteem, friendship, sense of achievement and the ability to work on your own and within a team. We can make massive changes in YOU almost overnight!

We'll turn you from 'Couch Potato' to 'Hot Potato'

from 'Fearful' to 'Fearless',

from 'Un-fit' to 'Super Fit'.

Give us a try - your first class is FREE!

As well as teaching Martial Arts, Boxing and Self Defence classes we can provide private training and also supply all your  Martial Arts and Boxing Equipment.